When you see the Gulf Wild brand, you're getting the very best. With unrelenting demand for high quality and traceable seafood harvests that don’t harm our precious oceans for future generations, fish that carry the Gulf Wild brand ensure the highest standards of seafood integrity have been met - from the sea to the kitchen, from the fisherman to the chef.

While some trademarks and certifications are superficial marketing schemes, Gulf Wild is supported by fisherman and industry professionals who care about the sustainability and conservation of fisheries throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, the remarkable TransparenSea traceable gill tag program provides wholesalers, retailers, restaurateurs and end-users access to unprecedented and highly detailed information about the fish they buy and consume. Using sequentially numbered gill tags, there is full disclosure and accountability. From details such as who caught it, where was it caught, from what vessel, and more, there are no lingering questions or concerns about authenticity, integrity or value.

The brand also focuses on a fishermen first attitude ensuring the commercial fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico participating in the Gulf Wild program are incentivized to fish a little cleaner and try innovative gear technologies to promote a sense of pride in their commitment to the social, economic and environmental goals of Gulf Wild.

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