Gulf Wild's TransparenSea tags can be entered into the "Track Your Fish" form at the top of this page. Or click here to view our sample tag.


TransparenSea is a real-time web interface that takes seafood traceability to new levels. It all starts with Gulf Wild's strict Conservation Covenants that each and every fisherman has agreed to follow. Subsequently, while the boats are on the water, and as soon as the fish are landed, comprehensive data transfer employing the TransparenSea system takes place, capturing, compiling and sharing information about each and every fish that is caught. This program is especially important to retailers, restaurateurs and consumers who want to know more about the integrity and authenticity of the fish they purchase.

With Gulf Wild's TransparenSea tracking mechanisms, and by using the unique identification numbers that appear on the gill tags of each and every fish, buyers can confirm that the seafood they purchase is authentic and responsibly harvested.

Some of the unique data that is made available through TransparenSea includes:

  • Specific fish type
  • Where and how the fish was caught in the US Gulf of Mexico waters
  • Name and background of Captain and his fishing vessel
  • Fish house and city where your seafood was landed
  • Chain of Custody information as the fish is traced through the supply chain
  • Conservation techniques that are employed to protect our fisheries

In addition to providing important information to consumers and restaurateurs, this technology is a valuable tool for collecting scientific data, monitoring fishing activity and maintaining sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. With access to this real-time data, Gulf Wild is able to evaluate and develop timely strategies and programs that help promote sustainability and improved fisheries management.

Track Your Fish

Simply locate the TRACK YOUR FISH feature at the top of our website and type in the unique number from any Gulf Wild seafood tag. You will be given immediate access to the individual information connected to that specific fish.

Or click here to view our sample tag.