When we created Gulf Wild, we started with a promise. One so straight forward that it required no qualifiers. No exceptions. No kidding.

We promise that seafood with a Gulf Wild tag is responsibly harvested and guaranteed from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. We promise to provide transparent, 24-hour access to the specific credentials of each Gulf Wild product including its species, the harvesting captain and vessel, the location where it was caught, and the port where it was landed. Most importantly, we promise to provide fresh, quality, sustainable seafood supported by stringent conservation measures; ensuring the integrity of the seafood you eat while protecting the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem for generations to come.

Our actions define accountability, responsibility and sustainability. They demonstrate just how far we are prepared to go to keep our promise. With the reputation of multiple generations of fishermen and their family names at stake, there's more than just fish on the line.


  • Gulf Wild confirms authenticity, sustainability and point of origin; generating confidence with wholesalers, retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers.
  • Gulf Wild species are harvested from fisheries under an innovative sustainability and management plan.
  • Gulf Wild provides a completely transparent system for accountability that tracks fish back to their harvesting fishermen, vessels and locations.
  • Gulf Wild provides immediate online verification through its innovative TransparenSea tracking system.
  • Gulf Wild was conceived by working Gulf of Mexico fishermen; technologically developed and advanced by independent third parties.