At Gulf Wild, we work directly with fishermen dedicated to the integrity and sustainability of fisheries throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

In turn, they maintain the highest standards for commercial fishing operations and seafood handling. By employing our TransparenSea™ Tracking System and applying our Gulf Wild gill tags, they become accountable for the seafood they harvest. When you input the sequential number, you can confirm that the fish you purchase is authentic, domestically fished, responsibly caught and undeniably fresh.


Fish that carry the Gulf Wild brand set the standard for genuine, responsibly caught, and reliable seafood harvested by local fisherman operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

When you see a Gulf Wild tag, or notice the Gulf Wild brand in the restaurants or retailers you visit, you are looking at the absolute best in fresh, responsibly harvested seafood. When you purchase Gulf Wild branded seafood, you are supporting sustainable fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and the local fishing industry that dates back over many generations.


Gulf Wild was created by The Gulf of Mexico Reef Shareholders' Alliance, a non-profit organization of accountable, progressive and conservation-minded fishermen, to promote seafood sustainability and fishery conservation throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

From the integrity of the Gulf waters to the way seafood is enjoyed - from the fisherman to the retailer - everyone is driven to inspire positive change that will keep our oceans thriving.

A portion of your Gulf Wild purchase goes back to the community where your fish was harvested to implement social, environmental and economic benefits for our Gulf of Mexico fisheries and fishermen.