Interest and excitement about Gulf Wild, the seafood it represents and its conservation programs is increasing each and every day. Whatever your interests, there are plenty of ways to get involved - from improving seafood integrity, increasing fishery sustainability and improving conservation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico to simply spreading the word about Gulf Wild, your help is appreciated.



As part of its consumer outreach and education programs, Gulf Wild produces fun and friendly cooking competitions where local chefs apply their culinary talents to the somewhat unfamiliar and underutilized bycatch species that are regularly harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. While the culinary benefits are obvious, and with the support of commercial fishermen who participate, they also provide educational experiences related to Gulf Wild program. Some of the topics raised include healthful eating, sustainable fisheries, and the environmental benefits to a well-managed, conservation minded fishing industry.

If you would like to organize a Conservation Cook-Off in your neighborhood, please contact Tj Tate by email: